Embellish Walls in the Home by Decorating with Bevelled Glass Mirrors in Croydon

Is your living room relatively small? Perhaps your bedroom is in need of some wall décor? Whatever type of home improvement you’re after, start with glass mirrors in Croydon. A simple addition to the home, bevelled glass mirrors can instantly transform a space from dull to chic. Reflective and relatively low cost, this type of mirror will create the illusion of extra space by reflecting light. What’s more the glass can often be cut to size, therefore you can use it for wall décor, coffee tables and door windows, among many other decorative elements!

The History

Did you know that bevelled glass mirrors in Croydon date back to the late 17th century? When King Louis XIV called upon a team of people to create the Palace of Versailles’ famous Hall of Mirrors back in 1678, he had a big interest in floor-to-ceiling bevelled-edged mirrors. Produced in a Venetian fashion, these mirrors indicated pure wealth, due to the fact they were quite costly to produce at the time. This is what has given this type of glass its allure.

The Process

If you want to enhance the appearance of an unembellished mirror, you may consider contacting professional cutters of glass mirrors in Croydon to bevel the existing mirror. In order to give the glass its jagged, crystal-like look, a sharp stone must be used to scrape the edge. The level at which the edge is grinded is up to you, but it should be less than 90 degrees. Remember that the degree of the edge will affect the type of prism that is produced, so it might be a good idea to view different styles before making a decision.

Optimise the Use of Light

Over the years, bevelled glass mirrors in Croydon have become a preferred choice for people who want to make the most of natural light inside the home. This type of glass can be used in creative ways, because the unique design allows light to bounce off it in all directions. Not only will this give the room a light and airy feel but also, it will reduce the need for artificial light. By acting as a prism, the bevel gives off a rainbow effect. The thickness and amount of slants will alter the visual effects, so choose wisely.

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