Elegant Beauty and Usefulness Provided by a Wrought Iron Fence in Riverside

An Iron Fence in Riverside is recognized for elegance and stately beauty. The fencing is decorative as well as functional, making it suitable for residential, commercial and other types of property. High-end homes, company headquarters, gated communities, parks and even cemeteries may be surrounded by this type of fencing. It is useful around swimming pools, keeping unwanted visitors out of the area when nobody is home.

A Fence for the 21st Century

For a few decades before the turn of the century, people had been turning to vinyl fencing as an option instead of wood because of its low-maintenance properties. As concerns about security increased, however, metal once again became a strong trend in this industry. Chain-link fencing is always an option, but it cannot come close to matching the ornamental loveliness of wrought iron.

A Blend of Iron and Stone

Sometimes iron fencing is blended with stone masonry for a particularly traditional look that can convey an appearance of wealth and quality. The masonry might be along the bottom of the wrought iron and also be installed as posts between metal sections. Gates typically are metal from top to bottom but can be attached to stone posts. This kind of arrangement can be a true work of art.

Front Yard Fencing

Homeowners often fence in the backyard while leaving the front yard open or only having a short picket fence there. Iron fencing as installed by a contractor such as Mesa Fence Company works well in a front yard as well as around the rest of the property, as it does not block views and is not as forbidding as a panel structure. Click Here to learn more about this particular organization.


Of course, an Iron Fence in Riverside can provide privacy as well when property owners plant shrubs or bushes around the perimeter. Thick vines also grow well on this type of fencing and bring an impression of old-world charm. In fact, many people choose to have a trellis of wrought iron for the elegant appearance of rich black color contrasting with bright colorful flowers. Property owners must check zoning in their neighborhood to learn the restrictions on privacy fencing in front yards.

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