How Effective Are Drug Rehab Programs For Most People?

When addicts are in denial of their addiction or if they are unwilling to make changes to lead a clean and sober life they inevitably start talking about how ineffective drug rehabilitation programs are reported to be. These numbers are not at all accurate or reflect the typical changes that addicts experience in top programs offering drug rehabilitation in Arizona.

The reality is that the success of drug rehabilitation in Arizona is less about what the program does for the addict and more about what the addict is willing to do for his or herself. Any program will fail if the person in the program is unwilling to embrace the education, lifestyle changes and the behavioral changes that are essential in long term addiction recovery.

Residential Drug Rehabilitation in Arizona

Residential treatment programs that require the client to stay at the facility for a period of time are the most successful for long term recovery. This is because the addict is supported, encouraged and cared for in a way that they haven’t experienced in a long time in their life. They are held responsible but given empathy, they are supported but not pressured and they are given responsibility but not enabled.

Residential drug rehabilitation in Arizona can range from 30 days, as a minimum requirement, to longer 60 or 90 day stays. For many clients at least 60 days is recommended and 90 may be very beneficial for long term recovery and internalizing of the skills taught during the program.

Participation and Commitment

The most successful people that complete drug rehabilitation in Arizona are those that are willing to actively participate and commit to the process. This is different than just being there physically and going through the motions, it means really working on yourself throughout your stay.

Support of family and friends is also important and a key element in long term sobriety after learning drug rehabilitation in Arizona. Family training as a component of the treatment is offered as a way to prevent enabling and co-dependency issues from triggering a relapse in the future.  Education, relationship building and learning how to be supportive is all part of what they family will work on to help you stay clean and sober. We provide top drug rehabilitation in Arizona for clients of all ages and with all types of addictions.

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