Eating Indian River Grapefruit Is Good For Your Health

While only a licensed nutritionist or doctor can tell you what is healthy for you, Indian River grapefruit can be part of a balanced and healthy diet to add much needed nutrients. Being healthy is important to many people in society. A healthy diet being one of the main keys to maintaining your health and wellness. On top of that, eating grapefruit can be beneficial to your health because it is loaded with antioxidants, vitamin c, and lycopene. All three of which when combined with a healthy diet can help you to lead a healthier lifestyle.


Antioxidants are found in vegetables and fruits, like Indian River grapefruit, and are thought to be part of a heart healthy diet. People looking for ideas to keep their heart healthier and trim their waists should look into the beneficial effects of antioxidants on their body. Fruits and vegetables tend to be higher in antioxidants than other foods and while no studies show that antioxidants alone are healthier, a balanced diet that includes antioxidant rich grapefruit can be beneficial to your health.

Vitamin C

Indian River grapefruit is also rich in vitamin c. Vitamin c is an ascorbic acid and helps in the bodies regulation of healthy bones and teeth. A diet deficient in vitamin c can cause a number of difficulties including loss of teeth and diseases like scurvy. Grapefruit is rich in vitamin c which helps the body in keeping their bones and teeth strong and healthy. Eating grapefruit is a great way to get vitamin c into your balanced diet. Vitamin C has also been purported to assist in fighting off colds and other cold season illnesses. A healthy amount of vitamin c is found in every grapefruit and can help you to achieve your health goals.


Lycopene is a chemical naturally found in red colored fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and grapefruits. Some studies have shown lycopene to be beneficial in reducing a person’s risk of certain cancers and some studies have shown that lycopene may reduce damage done to the skin by UV radiation. An excellent source of lycopene is grapefruit. Grapefruit is found to have lycopene in high numbers which accounts for its pink and often times red coloring. By adding grapefruit to your diet you can add much needed lycopene to help reduce your risk of certain cancers and decrease damage done to skin from the sun.

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