How DUI Attorneys in Tucson Can Help You

DUI, DWI, and OUI are interchangeably acronyms that translate to mean that someone was operating a vehicle while they were under the influence of alcohol or drugs. How much do you know about what it really means to get charged with one of these three offenses? Which of these three offenses you end up getting charged with depends on where you live. While each of these three acronyms do have slightly different meanings, they are all three exactly the same charge. Whether you are charged with a DWI, DUI, or OUI it means you got behind the wheel when you really shouldn’t have. Visit for more details.

When you think about all of the damage that a drunk or intoxicated driver can do, it should come as no surprise that getting charged with a DUI is considered to be a very serious crime. Looking at the different DUI Attorneys in Tucson in order to find one to hire is extremely important once you’ve been charged with a DUI.

There are actually three different kinds of drunk driving laws. Once you look through the DUI Attorneys in Tucson they would be able to tell you which of these laws you are in trouble for. The first law is just driving while under the influence. This law simply means that you were intoxicated while you were operating the vehicle. The second law is having a blood alcohol content is more than the legal limit. Driving with a BAC over the legal limit can result in a more serious punishment than just driving while intoxicated. This is because if you happen to choose one of the better DUI Attorneys in Tucson they can argue that you did not know you had enough to drink if you are just a little intoxicated.

The last drunk driving law is a DUI felony. In order to commit a DUI felony you have to cause a serious injury or a death while you are driving under the influence. Even with a lawyer from a law firm such as Law Office of Thomas Wilson you are more than likely going to do some serious time if you get charged with a DUI felony.

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