A DUI Attorney in Burlington, WA Provides You With a DUI Defense to Help You Keep Your License

Getting a DUI is the beginning of what is going to be one of the most important battles you will ever face in your life. The law is merciless to those who drink and drive, even if they are under the legal limit. Your license is at risk of being suspended for a year along with a mark added to your once spotless record. It’s important to get a DUI attorney in Burlington, WA as soon as possible to prevent an administrative suspension and losing your license for DUI. Keeping your license out of trouble requires an aggressive defense to refute the evidence the state has against you.

After your arrest, the officer submits your paperwork to the state board that governs drivers licenses. This is to notify the state of your offense and begin the suspension process against you. There is an administrative hearing that will be scheduled to make a decision whether to temporarily suspend your license. A DUI attorney in Burlington, WA can attend the hearing on your behalf and argue against suspension. Not having anyone show up is a guarantee that the license will be suspended until your court date which makes it important to have someone at the hearing. Otherwise, you will not be able to drive anywhere until the issue is settled.

The day of court is the most important one. This is where the status of your license will be decided. If your lawyer is unable to get the case settled for a lesser plea before the day of the hearing, you go to trial where evidence is presented before a judge or a jury. During the hearing, the state presents evidence before the court that proves you are guilty. However, you have a Constitutional right to present a defense, and in fact, the state has the burden of proof. Therefore, your lawyer can argue the evidence against you was improperly obtained or any other number of defenses that can be used on your behalf.

Never let the expense of a DUI lawyer put you off. Your license is invaluable, and a good lawyer is priceless. Contact the Howson Law Office to speak to an attorney about your situation and what can be done.

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