Drywall in Long Beach Requires Skillful Installation of the Right Size

Drywall installation in a new or remolded home is not as easy as it may look at times. Drywall patching can be complicated while trying to get the patch to blend in perfectly. Installing drywall is a skill and it requires experience. Selecting the right drywall for the job also requires experience. First, choose the right thickness; drywall comes in 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch and 5/8 inch thickness.

There are seven types of commonly used by Drywall in Long Beach:

Square-edged is the standard drywall and the sheets butt against each other allowing for a smooth plastering. It is generally used on walls and ceilings that are to be plastered.
The taper-edged is the regular drywall with a tapered end allowing for the gaps to be easily filled with joint compound. This drywall is used for finishing walls.

The moisture-resistant drywall core is impregnated with waterproofing materials, but it allows breathing through the surface of the wall. This drywall can be used in areas of high water usage such as bathrooms and kitchens and as a base for tiles in a shower stall.

The foil-backed drywall has a vapor-resistant backing on one side. It is not protected like moisture-resistant sheets. The foil like layer on a non-decorative side is preferable in cold climates, but it should not be considered as a moisture-resistant material for climates that are humid.

The Fire resistant drywall has higher fire resistant qualities than standard drywall. Used in garage ceilings.

The Abuse Resistant drywall is a polystyrene layer bonded to the non-decorative side. When used in garages it provides an insulation factor more so than other drywalls.

The Soundproof drywall has better soundproofing qualities. This is good drywall to use on walls and ceilings in apartments or condominiums.

Cement Board is not a drywall, but it has similar characteristics and uses. This is a strong, moisture repellent board. It is the only board to use under ceramic tiles or for a backing for tiles be put on a wall such as a bathroom.

Drywall panels are manufactured in 48-inch, 54 inch and 96 inch wide panels and in lengths which can vary. Drywall in Long Beach can obtain any size drywall your job requires. Contact CC Cleaning And Maintenance for more information.

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