Drug Testing in Cincinnati, OH: Just One Service Offered by Urgent Care Clinics

by | Nov 10, 2015 | Health Care

Many employers now routinely send workers to urgent care clinics for pre-employment and random drug testing. They may also depend on facilities like Eastside Urgent Care for a range of other work-related medical needs. The clinics which provide efficient Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH, also offer a range of benefits to the general public. The patient-friendly facilities are often a popular alternative to doctors or emergency rooms because of their convenient hours, high-tech equipment and range of services.

Clinics Are Designed Around Patient Needs

Patients with non-life threatening emergencies often choose an urgent care clinic rather than waiting to see a doctor or sitting for hours in a hospital ER. Clinics are actually designed to be efficient, so patients are seen quickly. They are built in easily-accessible areas and offer extended hours that typically include weekends. Many patients choose them for routine medical care after visiting a company website and choosing a “Click here” option that explains the kinds of insurance they accept. Even when patients have to pay cash, clinics are far less expensive than emergency rooms.

Professionals Treat a Wide Range of Everyday Problems

Although clinics are often associated with routine services like employment physicals and Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH, they are well equipped to handle a range of medical conditions. Most are equipped with EKG’s, X-ray equipment, and on-site labs. Families often use them for help with chronic asthma, migraines, and allergies. Doctors also treat coughs and congestion, ear infections, insect or animal bites, and even athlete’s foot. They provide affordable school and sports physicals as well as rehabilitation services.

Patients Depend on Clinics in Emergencies

It is becoming common for patients to seek urgent care clinics during medical emergencies. The facilities offer advanced procedures when patients have heart attacks, lose consciousness, or are wounded. They help those experiencing numbness and chest pains, are bleeding, or have abdominal pain. Clinics are equipped to treat orthopedic injuries, strains, and fractures. Experienced doctors often stabilize patients with serious injuries and then transfer them to hospitals.

Urgent care facilities now routinely provide employment physicals, drug testing, and workmen’s compensation rehab. In addition, they offer a range of well-patient care and treatment for minor problems like coughs, earaches, and the flu. The professionally staffed and equipped facilities also provide a wide range of emergency treatment.

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