Don’t Be Left In The Cold When There’s Heating Oil in Branford

In the 1970’s, heating oil gained the stigma of being dirty, similar to coal. Heating oil actually burns 95% cleaner than in the 1970’s. Oil tanks do not pose a threat to the environment because it is non-toxic and biodegradable. Most believe that heating oil companies also just deliver oil. If you’re looking for heating oil in Branford, you will be pleasantly surprised that they also offer:

* Installation, maintenance and repair of heating equipment

* Twenty-four hour a day service

* Service plans to cover the maintenance of your equipment

* Tune-ups for your furnace

That is the just some of the heating side of the business. When you think of heating oil, you think of it running a furnace and heat. Heating oil companies can offer air conditioning services, hot water heaters and baseboard radiators as well.

One of the benefits of heating oil is, if your furnace would be releasing danger carbon monoxide, a heating oil system will emit smoke, black oily soot or some type of odor. Type of gas equipment, whether it’s natural gas or propane, have no odor or warning of carbon dioxide emission, which can be a silent killer to people in the home. Another benefit of heating oil is it non-explosive and if you inhale heating fuel fumes it is not fatal.

As far as pricing goes for heating oil in Branford, you are not locked into one supplier like you would be for natural gas coming to your home. Most people with heating oil actually own their tank, whether it is in their basement, garage, or yard or buried under the ground. If you are unhappy with one supplier, you can choose another supplier without any penalty. If you have natural gas from a supplier to your home, some areas make you use the natural gas supplier because of regulations.

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