Do You Need a Basement Concrete Repair in Baltimore?

Whether you have a foundation crack or your basement is not dry, you should check into waterproofing. However, the system you choose makes a big difference in ground water flow. For example, most homes sit on a perimeter foundation that features a concrete basement floor. After a storm, the level of ground water rises, thus resulting in a wet basement. While some waterproofing systems try to prevent water from entering a basement, more advanced systems redirect the water.

Extra Protection for the Money

By using a company that uses advanced techniques for a basement concrete repair in Baltimore, you can be assured that the water that seeps into your home will be redirected and removed. All floor, wall, and foundation joints can be kept dry by installing a subfloor channel that redirects the water to one or more sump pumps. The number of sump pumps installed depends on a basement’s size. A wall liner can be added as well.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about a future basement concrete repair when this type of system is employed. By adding a reinforced wall liner, you are protected from any entry of water. A vinyl wall cover plate provides a separation between floor and wall or foundation joint. This permits additional groundwater to flow back to its source.

Improve the Functionality of Your Basement

Don’t be burdened with a basement concrete repair if it is not necessary. Use a waterproofing system that is guaranteed to redirect the water flow and prevent cracks in the foundation or concrete. By taking this stance, you can enjoy your basement and improve its looks so you can use it as you do the rest of your house.

Learn More Information Online

Would you like to know more about this innovative waterproofing system? If so, contact a business such as Armored Basement Waterproofing today. The more you know about this type of system, the more you will be convinced that this type of upgrade will prevent the need for any future modifications or repairs.

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