Do You Have a Roller Tool Box?

Every serious mechanic needs a rolling tool box because it is a handy way to ensure that your tools are always where they need to be -; right by your side. One of the most important things about a tool box is portability and when you have a Roller Tool Box you get the movement you need to get each job done. Tools are the most useful when they are within easy reach of the person who needs to use them.

The specifications of a good Roller Tool Box include sturdy construction with a solid gauge steel. The drawers and fronts of the drawers should all be constructed from the same solid steel to ensure that the box will stay together. The caster channels on the box should be solid enough to support the weight of the box when it is fully loaded. When the box is loaded, the weight should not impair the box’s ability to be moved. The caster wheels should glide smoothly across any surface with ease.

A good Roller Tool Box should secure your tools against theft with a solid lock that holds all of the drawers shut. All of the drawers should operate independently on slides and open easily with one-handed operation. A well-built tool box should have aluminum trimmed drawer pulls and release latches for each drawer so that it is held in place when it is closed. Ball bearing drawer slides should be installed on the box and provide a load rating of at least one hundred pounds per set.

Most tool boxes are designed to hold a large amount of weight, but a good Roller Tool Box should have a capacity of at least 550 pounds. When you need to move the box, it should be via swivel casters and two that are fixed so that you can steer the box to any location you require. The standard paint job on a tool box is a textured powder coat to protect it from moisture and damage. If you do not already own a tool box that is move-able, then you really need to consider this investment for your shop.

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