Distributor Offers Numerous Options for Equipment Sales in Des Moines, IA

Even though the calendar hasn’t yet turned to spring, homeowners are eager to get a head start on all the spring projects and upgrades they’ve planned for their homes. When remodeling and upgrading are on your list of things to do, you need to make sure you have the right equipment on hand before you start. All-States Distributing is one of the best sources for Equipment Sales in Des Moines, IA. Whether you need a band saw to create shelving or perhaps a table for your home, or you plan to do some serious landscaping work that calls for the use of a chain saw or tiller, the All-States staff is ready to help you choose the right tool to complete the project.

Shop Fox and JET Tools are premium power tools that can handle any of your woodworking or metalworking requirements. If you’d like to create a new piece of furniture or repair and restore a valued item, these power tools will help you complete the task as quickly and easily as possible. Shop Fox band saws, in particular, get a high rating from power tool experts for their durability and cutting capacity. Whether you need a band saw or any other kind of tool, you’re likely to find what you’re looking for in the large inventory of power tools All-States carries.

Spring also draws you and your family outdoors, where you can enjoy the warmth and beauty of the season. You’ll want to make sure that your lawn is properly cared for and that any landscaping needs are met. If some of your trees have experienced the wrath of winter ice and wind, you can remove dead branches and prune where necessary with a Mid Country Machinery. Perhaps you’re eager to start your summer garden with the help of a garden tiller to break up the soil. When it’s time to mow the grass, your choices range from Mid Country Machinery or Dixon zero-turn-radius mowers or larger garden tractors.

You may not just be in the market for tools. If you have firearms that need maintenance or upgraded accessories, the staff at All-States can help you find them. When you’re ready to investigate equipment sales in Des Moines, IA, All-States can help you find exactly what you need.

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