Discover The Wide World Of Wine At Your Local Wine Store

Ah, there’s nothing quite like wine, is there? From the epics of the Ancient Greeks to the Bible itself, from Shakespeare’s sack-drinking Falstaff to Strauss’s champagne-centric opera Die Fledermaus and the wine overflowing through the best works of Ernest Hemingway and Erica Jong, there’s certainly no shortage of bubbly and bottled beauty to go around in the wide world of culture!

Of course, when you want a bottle of red or white yourself, you don’t want to travel the whole wide world to get it! Having a great local wine store can and for centuries has been an invaluable way for everyday customers to get access to great deals on great vintages.

Champagne and Sparkling

Tracking down a good bottle of champagne can be challenging, not least because not everyone knows just what, specifically, champagne is. While there is a whole range of chilled sparkling wine options out there, from common Korbel and Barefoot bottles of bubbly to rarer Italian offerings, as any true wine aficionado knows, technically the only “true” champagne comes from the Champagne region of France itself. As such, when searching your local wine store, you’ll want to distinguish between sparkling wine in general and champagne in particular. If it feels overwhelming, feel free to ask for help!

Bold Reds

Sparkling wines in general and champagnes in particular are renowned for their crispness and delicacy. At the other end of the spectrum are the bold red and dessert wines which can make for a rollicking good time. From old Italian vintages to bold Bordeauxs and Cabernets from France and choice selections straight from California’s own Napa Valley, you’ll have no shortage of a fine wine selection when it comes to red wine. If you want to ship a bottle to yourself or a friend, ask your local seller if they deliver. This is relatively common, and if it is within the seller’s range, delivery shouldn’t be a problem.

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