Different types of lawn and garden tools

Lawn and garden tools can be thought of as powered and manual as well as short and long handled. Common garden tools include such things as spades, hoes, shovel, various types of rakes, pruning shears, etc. These tools are often used in conjunction with other tools such as wheelbarrows, watering cans and hoses.

There are three garden tools that seem to cause a great deal of confusion among consumers; shovels, spades and trowels. A garden spade appears to be very much along the lines of a shovel but the blade is flat and square edged. Spades are great for edging along a flower garden or digging very precise holes with straight sides which are used to plant shrubs and other ornamental plants. Shovels on the other hand have a rather deep curve to them and they come to a distinct point. Shovels are used more for digging and scooping and are ideal for moving piles of soil. Trowels look a lot like spades but are often narrower and longer and come to a rounded point; they are used for transferring plants as well as digging holes for bulbs.

Among the common lawn and garden tools found in most homes is a garden fork. This looks similar in size and shape to a spade except rather than a single flat blade it has multiple tines. The fork is ideally suited to break up tightly compacted soil. A garden rake also has metal tines but it is designed to rake over a large area, they are suited for raking soil which has been broken down as they can unearth and remove rocks and stones. Lawn rakes are also used to rake but as their tines are either thing springy metal or bamboo they are not suitable for moving dirt, they are used to gather fallen leaves, grass clippings and other similar lightweight debris.

The tools discussed are all considered as hand tools, many lawn and garden tools are powered, either by electricity or self contained engines. A good example of a power tool for use in the garden is a grass trimmer, often called a “strimmer.” These are used in areas which cannot be reached by the lawn mower. Power tillers are not as common but people with large tracts set aside for vegetable gardens often have a powered tiller. These machines are usually engine driven, they have a series of blades which chop through the hardest soil and prepare it for planting.

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