Different Types of Construction Site Signs

There are many different types of construction site signage, some are found only in certain occupational settings, examples being signs that state hard hats and safety shoes must be worn or signs alerting people that forklift trucks are in use in the area. Other signs around a construction site are more generic, signs indicating the location of fire extinguishers being an example.

In many jurisdictions there are laws dictating theĀ use of construction site signage and that the signs must be used to communicate the location of certain items and hazards.

There are many different signs that are to be posted in occupational settings where construction is taking place. The signs start the moment one steps onto the site, signs warning individuals that they are entering a construction site, warning of the potential dangers. On almost every construction site you will see signs indicating the demand for protective gear such as hard hats and steel toed safety shoes. There are many areas where only certain individuals are allowed due to their unique training, these areas will be posted with signs indicating that only authorized personnel are allowed beyond this point. Construction sites pose a host of different dangers and they all have to be pointed out, signs such as heavy equipment are in use or signs indicating the potential of falling objects are common.

In many industrial environments forklift trucks are used extensively. Forklifts pose a number of hazards as in many cases they operate virtually silent with no warning of their impending approach. In many factories designated lanes are set aside for these vehicles and signs are erected that state no pedestrian traffic, lane for forklift trucks only.

During construction, there are many different materials delivered to the site for later use. Some materials used in construction are classified as being hazardous and signs to this effect must be put up stating this. As construction progresses different risks become inherent, when the high voltage power has been installed there must be signs posted to this effect and warning people that this is the electrical room and it is not to be entered other than by authorized personnel.

Construction site signage continues through to the food service area where employees will be reminded to wash their hands before they eat and after having used the facilities. Click here for more information.



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