The Different Types Of Farm Fences

If you have a farm; big or small, fencing is perhaps one of the most important parts of the infrastructure. As the fence will want to last for many years it is important that you decide early on what your needs are today and what you think they may be in the future.

Farmers know that fencing wire in Oklahoma is to keep predators out and expensive livestock in. If you want the fence to do its job it has to be installed properly and maintained; in the long run this will save time, money, frustration and you won’t have to explain to the neighbors why you cattle are roaming on his property.

When considering the fence you will find that several materials are available, the choice you make will depend in part on:

* What the fence is for

* What will be contained by the fence or kept out?

* The terrain where it will be located

* The long term maintenance demands

* Any possible zoning regulations

There will be a need for some special tools depending on the type of fence, normally a farm will have these around but if not, the fence supplier will certainly carry them.

Barbed wire: Barbed wire has been around for a long time and it is certainly an effective fencing but on the other hand, it can be a hard to work with and special precautions and protective gear must be worn when installing it.

Woven wire: Woven wire fencing is an economical solution and easy to install, it is perhaps the most frequent choice on the small farm. It does not need to be electrified and makes a good perimeter fence.

High tensile wire rope: This type of fencing material is ideal for controlling cattle. It bounces back a bit, something like the ropes on a boxing ring. If an animal runs into this type of fence, it gives a bit but comes right back into shape and won’t break.

Electric net fencing: This type of fencing wire in Oklahoma is used for pasture management as it allows for quick, temporary paddocks to be built for sheep, goats and even poultry. This wire is easy to dismantle and move as it is light and manageable.

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