Differences Between Commercial And Residential Garage Doors

Residential garage doors fulfill to expectations; they work well, and they look great. Commercial garage doors are built to function even more efficiently, and there is not the same focus on appearance. A commercial door company in Westchester, NY knows that many of the specs are common between the two but commercial doors are obviously bigger. There are inexpensive residential garage doors available in big-box stores, but high spec doors, ones that are built and installed by specialists share equally high standards with doors destined for commercial installation.

Commercial garage doors:

As noted, the primary difference commercial garage door vs. residential versions is size. A typical residential door is usually seven feet high, although different height doors are available. A commercial enterprise needs doors that are significantly higher than seven feet; these doors are used to load and unload goods into and out of large trailers.

Although the majority of commercial doors are utilitarian, this does not mean that they have to be unattractive. There are numerous options that are readily available including glass panels and commercial garage door operators.

Typically, commercial garage doors are of “roll-up” design although sectional doors are also popular. This style of operation is favored due to the size, it is not practical to store commercial doors overhead, and in most instances, the space is limited which makes a swing out panel doors impractical.

Roll-up doors are available in a host of different slat configurations, material, and finishes. For installation in parts of the country that experience winter, these doors can be insulated. For smaller openings a sectional door is ideal.

Although there are many similarities between commercial and residential garage doors, the same cannot be said for electric operators. A commercial door company in Westchester, NY will supply and install heavy duty operators that are designed to withstand far more daily operations than any residential opener.

If you own or operate a business, you may be looking for a reliable and experienced commercial door company in Westchester, NY. You are invited to discuss your needs with Action Lock & Door Company Inc.

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