How To Determine When You Need Carpet Cleaning in Dublin

by | Dec 16, 2013 | Home Improvement

No matter how often you vacuum your carpets, they need to be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service periodically. There are a number of factors that you should consider to determine the frequency of your carpet cleaning.

If you live alone and don’t have a lot of company in your home, your carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once every 18 months. Carpets can collect dirt and allergens in the fibers even if the carpeting looks clean. Vacuuming regularly can remove most of the loose dirt but, in order to extend the life of your carpet, call in a professional for carpet cleaning in Dublin every 12 to 18 months.

Homes with a normal amount of foot traffic but without long-haired pets or smokers should have their carpets cleaned about once every year. If you have children or pets, you may need to vacuum more frequently. Some homeowners vacuum their carpets every day in the rooms that get the most traffic to prevent dirt from getting lodged in the carpet fibers.

Finally, if you have a large family with several children running around on your carpet and a pet or two that shed their fur, you may need to get your carpet cleaned twice a year to keep it clean and fresh. A carpet cleaner will come to your home with professional cleaning equipment to steam clean your carpets and restore the fiber to its like-new look and feel. If you have any stains, Carpet Cleaning in Dublin will remove them with specially formulated products. Pet hair, dander and odors will also be removed during the cleaning process.

If anyone in your home has allergies, it is important to keep carpets clean. You may not be able to have your carpet professionally cleaned more than twice a year without compromising the fibers. However, you can reduce allergens in your home through regular vacuuming with a HEPA filter and inspection of your duct work to ensure that your air ducts are not clogged and blowing dust and other allergens back into your living space. Master Clean can professionally clean your carpets and if necessary, they can clean the air ducts in your home.

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