Designing the Perfect Personalized Chocolate Hearts

by | Mar 1, 2013 | Shopping

Chocolate favors are such fun additions to any treat bag. They put that finishing touch on big events or marketing campaigns, but some design plans are more effective than others. Check out the following tips on perfecting personalized chocolate hearts.

Cost-Effective Wrapper Printing

There are two ways to personalized chocolate hearts. The first is much more affordable and appropriate for smaller-sized chocolate favors. Flashy, colorful, personalized candy wrappers are a common sense solution to giving bite-sized chocolates a special touch. The best companies offering this service have metallic wrappers in different colors to give customers a wide variety, while still looking professional.

These hearts wind up resembling one of America’s most popular candies, chocolate kisses. However, their larger design space gives you room for a more specific and easy-to-read message. The fact the wrappers can be saved long after your chocolates have been enjoyed is just an added benefit.

The second way to personalize chocolate hearts is by chocolate imprinting or engraving. This makes the message a part of your candy and is a fairly expensive process. While appropriate in certain circumstances – particularly on larger chocolate hearts – it’s just not a financially-feasible option for most projects. The cost is too high when you’re talking about hundreds of hearts.

Keep Messages Short and Sweet

Typically, personalized chocolate hearts are around an inch in size. That’s not a lot of room to work with to make a big impression. Creating the right message is an essential part of making these favors work to their fullest.

If your chocolate creations are part of an important event or marketing plan, it makes sense to hire a professional to help you craft your graphic or message. Professional design services are often available through your chocolatier free-of-charge or for a reduced fee. You can also opt to hire a pro privately before ordering.

It helps to get a few extra eyes on your project before printing as well. It’s easier for someone new to a project to pick up on typos and embarrassing slip-ups. Once you’re satisfied your wrappers are tailored specifically to your audience, go ahead and look over prices.

A Word on Unit Cost

Many times, particularly when dealing with small chocolate favors, a business will display costs based on units. They break down an order by how much each individual heart will cost instead of giving an honest look at total order charges. Remember many chocolatiers have order minimums, as well as extra fees that go into order fulfillment. When comparing prices on personalized chocolate hearts, make sure you are comparing the right prices.

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