Dentures In Wichita, KS That Makes A Person Smile

In years past, having a toothless mouth was associated with old age and poverty. Unfortunately to most people, it still is. Lost of teeth is also associated with illness, traumatic injury and tooth neglect. The loss of an upper or lower set of teeth can also change the shape of one’s face and create hollows where there should not be. Speech will also be affected, as well as difficulty when eating or drinking.

There is absolutely no reason to suffer with missing teeth in this day and age. Dentures in Wichita, KS can make a world of difference in your smile and your life. The dental team at East Wichita Dentistry can create and fashion a customized set of sets of dentures to fill your mouth with good fitting teeth that appear as natural as possible.

Today’s dentures are lab developed and fitted directly for the mouth of the patient. Unlike a set of dentures in years past, they are barely detectable to others. For many patients, the dentist can use mini implants to stabilize dentures for a permanent appliance. Eating, drinking, speaking and all forms of activity are almost as they would be if these were still natural teeth. Cleaning of your dentures is made easy with products and systems developed for easy home usage.

In addition to fitting custom dentures for the patient, each person will be set on a course of routine and scheduled dentistry to avoid losing the remaining teeth they have. This includes appointments to be seen by the dentist to map out tooth movement and decay. Dental decay will be dealt with and filled to avoid having tooth neglect become an issue again.

Regular visits to the dental office will also mean having cleanings for remaining teeth with the dental hygienist to try to avoid their departure. Prior dental home hygiene will be taught to keep not only the dentures in perfect shape but use prevention as a tool to stop further tooth and bone loss.

If fear of dentistry has led you to lose your teeth unnecessarily. While being fit for your dentures, the doctor can explain current modern pain anesthetics and sedation procedures that the office offers.

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