How a Dentist in Redmond, Wa Conducts a Patient Assessment

Seeing a Dentist in Redmond, Wa will allow a person to get the necessary oral care to stop the progression of any existing diseases of the mouth and gums. This dental care provider will also check for signs that indicate diseases that could develop in the future. To do this, the dentist performs a thorough consultation and examination on a patient. A person seeing a dentist for the first time will usually have x-rays taken of her mouth so a dentist can view the internal parts of her teeth.

The consultation with a Dentist in Redmond, Wa usually takes place before or during the examination portion of the visit. A dental patient should tell a dentist any fears she is having so the dentist will know how to accommodate these anxieties. A person should also tell a dentist about any medical problems she is having even if these problems don’t seem related to dental health. Before the examination starts, a person should also let the dentist know about any tooth sensitivity. A dentist should also be told about any lumps around the mouth area.

During an examination with a Dentist at Overlake Family Dental of Redmond, the dentist will look inside and outside of a patient’s mouth. He will view the neck area, head area, salivary glands, and temporomandibular joint for swelling, redness, and tenderness. These conditions can be signs of infection or disease. To see if the temporomandibular joint is working correctly, a dentist will ask a patient to open and close her mouth and to move her lower jaw from left to right. Any clicking can be a sign that the this joint is not functioning properly.

Another important part of a dental examination is the inspection of the soft tissues of the mouth. This includes looking for redness, spots, cuts, and swelling on the inside of the cheeks, the tongue, the gums, and the bottom and top of the mouth. A comprehensive examination will include a test for oral cancer. From here, a dentist can form a general assessment of a person’s mouth and formulate a treatment to maintain and restore dental health. For more information, please contact the professionals at Overlake Family Dental.

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