How Does the Dentist in Bellevue WA Perform a Root Canal?

If your tooth has become infected or is full of decay, it can cause you to need a tooth extraction. To avoid a tooth extraction, the dentist will often try to perform a root canal on the tooth, so no further damage occurs. In many cases, this can save the tooth and prevent the need for extraction. A root canal is a key treatment when major issues in the tooth are affecting the health and stability of the tooth. Many people feel nervous when they are told they will need a root canal. If you know what to expect during the procedure, you will feel much more at ease and prepared to have your root canal carried out through the Dentist in Bellevue WA.

Through the process, you should feel no pain, though you may feel some discomfort after the procedure, as your tooth heals.

How Does the Dentist in Bellevue WA Perform a Root Canal on Your Tooth?

A root canal is an invasive procedure that involves your dentist creating an opening in the top of your tooth. This opening will give the dentist access to the inside of your tooth, so the inner structures and nerve can be completely removed. This removal process is crucial to protecting your tooth from further damage by removing all of the infection and decay from inside the tooth, the damage will stop progressing. Along with removing all the soft tissue, the dentist will also remove the nerve, so you no longer feel pain in the tooth. This prevents all of the pain and discomfort the tooth was causing you. Once your tooth has been completely cleaned out, the dentist will use special tools called canal files. Canal files help to ensure the inside of the tooth is completely clean before it is sealed. Once the tooth is clean, the dentist will fill it and may place a crown over the tooth to further stabilize it.

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