Denied Social Security Benefits? Hire a Disability Lawyer in Mount Vernon, WA

There are very few government programs available that offer financial support to Americans who are not able to hold a job. The Social Security disability program is one of the only long-term options available. However, it is a very difficult program to gain acceptance to. Many applicants are denied benefits, even though they have paid into the system for many years. Sometimes this occurs because they didn’t understand the review process or answered the questions incorrectly. hiring a disability lawyer in Mount Vernon WA can prevent this from happening.

If a person is denied benefits, they should not give up. They are entitled to an appeal to an administrative law judge. It’s a good idea at this point to hire a lawyer from Robinson and Kole. Disabled people have a very short period to prepare for their appeal. So they should hire their lawyer as soon as possible. A report from the Social Security administration found that people who use a lawyer to appeal their denial are 30 percent more likely to win. When they arrive at the hearing, there will also be a lawyer from Social Security to explain the denial. It’s difficult for a person who isn’t a lawyer to represent themselves in this atmosphere.

A Disability Lawyer in Mount Vernon, WA will review their claim and incorporate new information. Many workers and their doctors focus on the nature of the illness. They should have focused on how the illness prevents the person from working. That’s because it is possible for some sick or injured workers to continue in their jobs. An important aspect of the social security disability application is to explain how the illness or injury prevents a worker from performing their duties.

The lawyer will carefully outline all of the physical, intellectual and emotional tasks necessary for the worker to function in their job. They may even speak with the person’s employer to gain insight into the workplace. If a person suffers from Bipolar Disorder it may be necessary for them to use medication that decreases their short-term memory. That means that they can no longer remember well enough to complete their professional tasks. Medications affect everyone differently. A doctor’s evaluation can be used to bolster the applicant’s claim.

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