What is a deep pore facial treatment?

Deep pore facial treatments in New York remove dirt and oil that is imbedded in the pores of facial skin. This type of treatment is normally performed by a facial care specialist or esthetician. A deep pore facial starts with a thorough cleansing of the face with a scrub that removes all the dead surface skin, once this phase is completed gentle steam is applied which loosens the dirt and oils from deep in the pores, this debris is then removed.

Many deep pore facials include the application of a facial mask; the mask rids the surface of the skin of oil which gives the appearance of less visible pores. There are a number of different masks using different materials. The primary ingredient of most masks is Kaolin clay which absorbs the facial oil. Organic compounds such as salicylic acid are often added to the mask or they can be applied in stronger concentrations which are known as a chemical peel.

Although deep pore facial treatments in New York are commonly performed in a beauty salon or spa they can be applied in the home as well. There are a number of ingredients that can be found in the kitchen that can be used. Strawberries are a natural source of salicylic acid and honey mixed with oatmeal or ground almonds to create a scrub that absorbs facial oil. Before these home treatments are undertaken make sure you do not have allergies to any of these foods.

While still in the home, tea oil, a natural antiseptic and antibacterial compound can be added to a large pot of steaming water. The pot is removed from the heat and the individual places his or her head over the pot and drapes a towel over. Herbs such as Rosemary and Sage also have effective antibacterial properties.

A deep pore facial, although it certainly rids the skin of dead cells, oil and dirt does not shrink the pores, pores cannot be reduced in size by the application of any product. Skin care specialists say that deep pore facials should not be done more than twice a month as the manipulation of the skin and the application of an exfoliate may actually cause irritation and breakouts.

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