Deciding on the Style of Window Replacement in St. Louis MO

When homeowners want to schedule Window Replacement in St. Louis MO, they can either choose the same design they’ve had all along or decided they want something new. They may want to learn some of the pros and cons of different window styles before making a deciding to select double-hung, single-hung, casement, bay or another product.

Single-Hung and Double-Hung Models

Single-hung and double-hung windows slide up and down. With double-hung models, both panels of glass move. With single-hung products, only the bottom glass moves. People who like the option of ventilation from the top will prefer two glass panels that move. This is ideal when someone doesn’t want a breeze from the bottom sash blowing directly toward where he or she is sitting. This is also less likely to blow papers off desks.

Some homeowners must use window air conditioners because their homes have boiler systems without any vents or return air registers. Casement windows and sliding glass models do not work for those appliances. Single-hung or double-hung windows from a supplier such as A M Richards Glass Co Inc can accommodate a window air conditioner.

Sideways Sliding Products

There also are windows that slide from side to side with one panel moving over the other. Those sideways sliding windows are generally installed in spaces that are much wider than they are tall. The other styles usually are for narrower spaces, although casement windows can be fit into wide spaces.

Casement Windows

Casement windows crank out or push out with a lever. If the space is not narrow, two casement windows can be placed side by side, or two of these products can have fixed glass in the middle for more natural light. All other aspects being equal, casement Window Replacement in St. Louis MO tends to be more energy efficient because it does not require a flexible seal for sliding.

Picture Windows

Windows that do not open at all, such as a picture window, are even more energy efficient. However, most homeowners do not want numerous fixed windows in their house unless they are single-hung models or include some casement glass alongside.

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