Deciding Between Visiting An Emergency Room Or A Walk In Clinic

A Walk In Clinic can take care of most of your non-emergency medical needs. If anything is happening where you feel like you should call 911, then you should certainly call 911. Some things can feel like an emergency that are not, like when you are so tired of a sore throat or a cough, and you would do just about anything for relief. You feel urgency about getting relief but do not believe your life is in imminent danger. That is a good example of why a walk in clinic might be used. If you had a kitchen mishap with a knife and you feel like a couple of stitches might be in order that is also another good reason to visit a walk in clinic.

While all truly life-threatening situations should be dealt with through emergency care, a walk in clinic in Middlesex County NJ can cover almost anything else you need from a doctor. Walk in clinics offer care much like most private practice doctors. You can get ongoing care for things like diabetes checks, monitoring blood pressure medications, high cholesterol treatment, getting flu shots, and even physicals or drug testing for pre-employment screening! If you got something in your eye that is causing pain and discomfort, you can probably find some great relief by visiting a walk in clinic.

If you are wondering if a fall caused a sprain or a break, going to a walk in clinic can save you a great deal over an emergency room visit. If your examination reveals a break you are still in good hands. Clinics are able to handle uncomplicated fractures, and even get you in a cast if that’s what you need. One of best aspects of a clinic is that you can get advice that can calm fears or point you in the direction you need. The professionals at your walk in clinic in Middlesex County NJ will let you know right away if you need to go to a hospital. Your optimum health and safety will surely be the very top priority.

When you have children, it’s not unusual to find out at terribly inconvenient times that your child has a fever or earache. Upon returning home from work, or as a child is getting home from school, you hear that a cold or flu has been creeping up on them throughout the day. When things like that happen, which they often do, you can be assured that you have quality, professional care close to you, with hours that are meant to make life easier on you!

My InstaDoc Urgent Care Monroe NJ is available for you and ready to deal with all of your non-emergency medical needs. If your situation is not life threatening, save yourself much time and money by choosing your walk in clinic in Middlesex County NJ.

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