Deciding Between Organic Bark Mulch and River Rock in University Place, WA

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When designing the landscaping for residential property, the owners may have trouble deciding between bark mulch and river rock in University Place, WA. There’s no need to exclude one or the other since each material could be used on certain areas of the yard. They will want to know the pros and cons of these materials while they draw up their plans.

Bark in University Place, WA can be placed around trees and flower gardens, around houses, along driveways, and around decks. They have both decorative and functional purposes. Crushed limestone and river rock can be provided by a company such as Randles Sand & Gravel.


One main advantage of rock is that it is relatively permanent, although some of it can be lost over time if squirrels and other animals dig in it and fling stones far from the original placement. Bark usually must be replaced within a few years because it gradually disintegrates.


That disintegration process is healthy for the soil, however. It provides nutrients through slow, healthy fertilization. That’s something important to consider when deciding which materials to place around trees and gardens, or when building garden paths.

This is generally not a concern for landscaping around the house, garage, and deck, or around the mailbox or a flagpole. The exception will be if these are areas where flowers will be grown. Rock also is suitable for decorative purposes around a swimming pool and along sidewalks. It should be used instead of bark around a fire pit since the organic material is flammable.

Effects on Mowing

Both materials can wind up in the lawn, but bark mulch can be ground up with the lawnmower. Stones must be picked up and replaced, or they can be a hazard when the mower blade hits one. Stones also can damage the blades.

Heat Absorption

Rocks hold heat, which is yet another consideration for people living in this climate. If they are placed around trees and bushes that are situated in the hot sun, those plants should be heat-resistant, or they could have trouble managing the excess warmth given off by the stones.

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