Day Spas: A Feature of Boutique Hotels

One of the features commonly found in the better boutique hotels on Long island are spas. Some are day spas that are open to everyone. Others are spas only available to hotel guests and their friends. Yet, not all spas are created equal. They come in different types and offer diverse services to attract clients.

Types of Day Spas

Day spas are individuals. They are not a homogenous group, although they may have the same purpose in mind. They can be

  • Eco-Friendly or Green Day Spas: These spas are in touch with the environmental movement on several levels. They may utilize alternative power sources, recycle waste or only treat their clients using environmentally friendly and responsibly sourced products

  • Family-Oriented: In some resorts, day spas are designed to handle all family members.

  • Adult Only Day Spas: The name says it all.

  • Amenable for Children: Children are welcome here. They may have their own version of a spa or be taken café of while the parents or other caregivers enjoy a treatment.

  • Pet Friendly: This day spa allows you to bring your pet with you. In some such spas, your cat or dog can also receive a treatment.

  • Singles Only: Some day spas cater to the single crowd. They encourage single spa parties.

  • Boutique Day Spas: While often more pricey than other spas, spas in boutique hotels can be quite energizing and refreshing with what they have to offer.

  • Destination Day Spas: These spas do not have to be in and exotic resort. They can actually be found in boutique hotels and other luxury accommodations. It is what they offer that makes them a destination spa.

A spa can combine various features of the types of above. In much the same way, they can all provide similar if not apparently identical services. Each one usually, however, will focus on one particular service to make it stand out from the others.


In general, spas will offer clients any single or combination of the below common services or treatments.

  • Massages: These can range from Deep Tissue to Swedish and everything in between

  • Body Treatments: Pick from Ayurveda treatments, to Waxing

  • Face: Facials of all types are available

  • Aromatherapy: Usually personalized

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Meditation

  • Yoga: and other related or similar forms of exercise

  • Steam and Sauna

Boutique Hotels and Spas on Long Island

When it comes to pampering yourself, nothing says it better than a spa at any of the luxurious boutique hotels on Long island. While other day spas may provide you with a good treatment, boutique hotel spas often go that extra distance to make you feel very, very special.Save

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