Customized T Shirts and Tee-Shirt Styles

Tee shirts are a common piece of clothing found in almost every person’s wardrobe. Once they were relegated to the role of undergarment, but today they are proudly worn as a piece of clothing in their own right. In fact, customized T shirts have even appeared on Paris and New York runways. They have been incorporated into the concept known as Fashion and, in rare instances, couture.

What Are Customized T Shirts

Customized T Shirts are plain tee shirts that have been personalized in some form or another. The individual touch may be the addition of a specific design –elaborate or simple. It can also be the adding on of words. Customized T shirts may be made for a team or any other group of individuals, as well as for a single person. They can also be a one-off designer Tee. What ties them together is the personalization of the basic T, no matter what style it is.

Styles of Tee Shirts

In addition to customizing or personalizing your Tee shirt, companies usually allow you to select the type of Tee shirts you wish to have. It is a fallacy to consider all Tee shirts, customized or otherwise, are the same. In fact, Tee shirts have become a varied lot. They are available not only in a rainbow of colors, but also in different styles. This variety allows you to choose one that will not only be more suitable for your figure or match your particular fashion sense, but that also harmonizes with your design. Tee shirt styles include, but are not limited to:

* Crew: A classic neckline – best suited to those who have sloped shoulders and/or a small chest.
* V-necks: Another classic style makes the neck appear to be longer than it is. It is best suited for shorter individuals and can create a slimming effect if worn appropriately.

* Deep-v
* U-neck
* Boat neck
* Scoop neck

In addition to neck styles, the length of the T shirt can vary. Once, tee shirts were part of a one piece union suit or long johns. They later were removable due to the use of buttons. At one point, they became completely detached. Today, they usually run from the shoulders to the waist.

Variations occur, some of them considered customized T shirts. In the world of Hip-Hop, Tees do not stop at the waist, but extend down to at least the knees. These are “tall-T” shirts. T-shirts have also been overlong, becoming a favorite sleeping garment of women. It was also women – usually as teens, who decided that cropping T-shirts was the best way to show off their midriffs. While still around, many customized T shirts for younger women are tailored and fit close to the body. These are called “baby doll” T-shirts.

Why Buy Customized Tee Shirts?

Customized Tee shirts can be a perfect fit for you, your family, friends, band, co-workers, or team on so many different levels. The same design may appear on them all, but the style and color can be chosen to complement the individual. They can be tailored to meet not only the creative, philosophical, or intellectual nature of the individual, but also their physical attributes. If done properly, customized T shirts can also fall well within the parameters of your budget restrictions, making this item of apparel an excellent deal overall.

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