Create the Most Effective Trade Show Display Booths

by | Jun 6, 2013 | Business

Your experience at a trade show can vary greatly depending on what you put into it. You want to do whatever it takes to draw in the people who will be attending the shows so you can generate more leads for your business and potentially even bring in some sales while you are there. If you have ever attended a trade show in which you weren’t showing, you may have noticed not all trade show display booths are effective. So what makes an effective booth?

Add Some Flare

People aren’t looking for the same old thing everyone else is already doing. This is why you need to work hard to make your booth stand out from those of your competitors around you. Adding lights to your booth can be one way to attract attention, especially moving lights. You can also use large, bright graphics to entice people to stop in and see what you have to offer. Playing videos can also be a great way to add that special touch to your booth that will be effective at causing people to stop in for a while.

Offer Interactions

Interactive trade show display booths are always a favorite with people who commonly attend these shows. While some people are perfectly happy to passively observe what is going on a trade show, there are plenty of others who want to be involved. Play a game with the people who enter your booth or provide them with a quiz to take to find out just how much they already know about your company. If you are able to engage your audience, you have a higher chance of being successful.

Give Something Away

Corporate giveaways are commonly used by many businesses as a way to help people remember them. Whether you choose to give out some customized candies or you choose something more useful for your visitors, they are more likely to stop if you are giving something to everyone. If you don’t have the budget to give something worthwhile to everyone, you can ask people to register for a giveaway for a larger prize.

Effective trade show display booths require you to give a little thought into what will engage your audience best. To encourage people to stop by your booth at the show, add something that will set it apart from the booths that surround you. Offering interactive options and giving something away to your visitors can also help draw in potential customers.

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