What Do Court Reporters Do?

A court reporter is someone who records what happens during court proceedings. Their duties include preparing transcripts of court proceedings, translating statements from one language to the next, playing back recordings from the proceedings, editing their transcripts, and giving copies of proceedings to those who need them. Court reporters must be accurate in their reporting of proceedings and this is why they need to be able to type with incredible speed without making too many errors. Court reporters also must pay close attention to details during the proceedings. Court reporters generally obtain jobs from a court reporting agency in DC.

How Court Reporters Are Trained

If someone aspires to be a court reporter he will need to attend court reporting school where he will receive classes on stenography and other subjects that are necessary in order to have this job. Once he receives his education he can apply to different jobs and the best way to do this is through a court reporting agency in DC.

Closed Captioning Work

Some court reporters also have employment outside the courtroom as closed captioning transcribers. The role of a closed captioning transcriber is to transcribe closed captioning of broadcasts of political events, concerts, speeches, TV news broadcasts and other media programs. This is an excellent opportunity for court reporters to expand their job choices and income growth.

Court Reporting Will Always Be in Demand

Advanced technology has changed the demands for certain careers and often in a negative way. This is not the case with court reporting because of the nature of the job. Humans will always be needed in court reporting because they provide better accuracy in recording proceedings than some of the newer machines designed to perform the same task.

Benefits of Hiring A Court Reporter

The benefit of hiring a court reporter is that you have access to proof of really occurred during court proceedings in the event that there is disagreement concerning testimonies presented at the proceedings. This is especially beneficial for the lawyers who are involved in court proceedings as well as their clients. There are also times when a lawyer cannot make it to a court hearing and the court reporter can provide accurate reportings of the proceedings to the absentee lawyer.

Having a court reporter is necessary for a variety of legal and non-legal professions and court reporters provide accurate transcripts that serve as evidence of what happened at court proceedings and even some business meetings.

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