Cosmetic Dentistry Services Offered by Dentists in Chicago

Having healthy teeth means that your smile is beautiful and that eating is not troublesome for you. If you have, broken, misshaped, widely gapped, decayed or even stained teeth, there are several cosmetic densitry options that you can choose from to rectify your problem. Dentists in Chicago are experts who give you the best treatment and offer you professional services. Here are some of the cosmetic densitry services offered by a dentist.


Discolored or stained teeth may occur due to; poor dental hygiene, old age, taking of tobacco, and drinking dark colored drinks such as coffee. Depending on the shade you prefer, your dentist will advice you on the kind of treatment to undertake. Some people may prefer home treatment with supervision from their dentist. The home treatment options include the use of toothpastes or gels which might take a period of 2-4 weeks for results to be noted. Others may opt to visit their dentists in their office for a better and a faster bleaching process whose result is noted immediately after the first visit.


This normally involves the masking of imperfect tooth using a resin that is tooth colored. This process is mostly carried out when; teeth are discolored, there are cracks or chips, teeth are widely spaced, filling of cavities, change of the shape or size of the teeth is required. This is a very convenient option because the resin is not likely to fall off once it has been bonded to the teeth.


Dental crowning is normally placing of a cap with a tooth’s shape over a tooth and envelopes it so as to; change the shape or size of the tooth, strengthen it, or protect it from decay or one that has a big filling, cover up severely discolored teeth, cover an implant or to hold a dental bridge in place.


They are thin layered shells that only cover your tooth’s front side to change color, shape or size. They are normally made from materials composing vesin and porcelain. For better results, the process may also be combined with bonding.

Dentist in Chicago will give you a better reason to smile with confidence. Visit for more information.

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