What Does Cosmetic Dentistry in Scottsdale AZ Offer You?

Are you tired of the appearance of your smile and wish there was something that could be done to improve it? Many people wish the same thing and have found getting help through Cosmetic Dentistry Scottsdale AZ can make a big difference. Through these services, your smile can be transformed and even the most difficult of cosmetic dental issues overcome. Understanding more about the services and treatments available can help you to know which options may benefit your needs.
What are the Treatments Cosmetic Dentists Offer?
* Teeth whitening is an option for people who are dealing with staining, yellowing and discoloration. Through traditional whitening, bleaching and bonding, your teeth can be dramatically whitened. There is no reason for you to continue suffering with this issue, when there are so many whitening treatments available. Through your dentist, you can even achieve the Hollywood white smile of your dreams.
* Dental implants are available to help patients who are missing teeth. These artificial teeth are implanted into your gums and become a permanent part of your smile. Carried out in the dental office, through a surgical procedure, your smile can be restored in a matter of weeks.
* Veneers are available in resin and porcelain. They completely cover the front of your teeth, hiding stains, gaps and malformations. Through this procedure, your smile can be perfected and you can leave the dental office with a renewed sense of confidence in your appearance.
* Invisalign treatments are available if your teeth are crooked or misaligned. These clear aligners are worn for two weeks and then replaced with a new aligner. After a year, you will have a beautifully straight smile you can be proud of.
For more information on these and other cosmetic dental procedures, contact Feldhake & Associates. They will be glad to schedule you a consultation appointment so you can be examined and find out which issues you are facing with your teeth. This will allow the cosmetic dentist to formulate a plan of treatment, so your smile can be transformed or restored. They will be glad to help you achieve the smile you have always wanted.

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