Cosmetic dentistry can change your smile

You may have perfectly healthy teeth, not a cavity in any of them but that does not necessarily mean that your teeth will give you the best possible smile. A smile is best personified with bright teeth that are not chipped or cracked but unfortunately accidents do happen and although your dental hygiene is excellent, there are times when you cannot avoid a chipped or broken tooth. A cosmetic dentist in Dartmouth MA is the dental professional to turn to in the event of a broken tooth, only he or she can assess the extent of the damage and the best way to treat it.

Once the dentist has ask how the injury occurred, asked about the extent of pain that you may be suffering and take X-Rays of the area he will be in a position to assess the extent of the damage. There are a number of ways to attack the repair and only after the extent of damage has been determined can the reconstruction proceed.

If the damage is minimal, perhaps just a slight chip, the dentist may be able to simply file the area smooth with no further ado. For this to happen the chip must be very slight, otherwise the dentist in Dartmouth MA will use a veneer made from either porcelain or a composite material. The veneer is affixed to the front of the tooth returning the visual impression back to the original

At times a tooth will be chipped so badly or even broken off it may require that a crown be fitted. A crown is a little cap that fits over the broken tooth; this provides protection and returns the appearance of the patient to normal. To affix the crown the dentist will often have to do a root canal which deadens the nerve in the affected tooth, the remaining tooth will be shaped and an impression is made. A crown is then produced which fits perfectly on the prepared tooth, once cemented in place with dental adhesive it will be trouble free.

In the event of severe damage it may be necessary for the remaining tooth to be extracted. When this happens the most common method of repair is for the dentist in Dartmouth MA to make a tooth implant.


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