Cosmetic dental procedures can give you a winning smile

For personal or professional reasons, there are few people who would not love to have glowing, shiny teeth and a resplendent smile. To make this happen many dentists are not taking additional courses so that they can offer cosmetic dentistry in Mansfield Ohio. No longer does a dental appointment have to simply focus of routine dental care, now it is possible for patients to undergo treatments such as teeth whitening and porcelain veneers in their quest for the perfect smile.

When daily brushing and flossing do not work and even a professional cleaning does not give the desired effect, it is often a matter of the teeth being stained below the enamel. This problem can be quickly solved with teeth bleaching in most cases, but even this procedure has its limitations. If you have at one time had a tooth implant of a composite crown, the color will not change with bleaching so most dentists recommend the use of veneers which are fitted to the front of the teeth. Not only do the veneers brighten all the teeth, regardless of their composition, they can be used to smooth out any small chips, cracks or unevenness.

If teeth whitening are an ideal solution for you then there are two ways that you can go about it; in office and at home. As with most treatments, nothing beats the results that you get from a professional who does cosmetic dentistry in Mansfield Ohio. The dentist can whiten teeth with a procedure called “laser bleaching,” although it is an expensive method, the results are fantastic and well worth it.

Whether you whiten your teeth at home or have it done by the dentist, it will not last forever. Eventually the stains will return but the treatment should comfortably last up to a year or more. Many patients will return for additional professional treatments or opt for a brush on gel that can be applied at home.
If veneers are selected, there is no further need for a whitening treatment as the color of the veneer does not change nor does the material stain, even from wine or tobacco products. Veneers are fixed to the front of the teeth and shaped, eliminating any small imperfections and giving a radiant smile.

Cosmetic dentistry in Mansfield Ohio is one of the procedures done by Drs Heringhaus, General Dentistry. Bleaching, veneers, crowns and bridges will give you back your beautiful smile.

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