Content Curation Tips For The Landscape Lighting Manufacturer

When it comes to promoting your business, one of the best ways to market yourself is a presence on the web. Although there are several ideas on creating a virtual footprint, a good way is through a process called content curation. Content curation is a method of searching and sharing (linking) information that is applicable to visitors to your site. The following content curation tips will help you succeed in promoting your business and also help your customers find everything they need in the one place you want them to be: Your website.

Your product should be the MAIN content

The first thing to know about content curation is that curation is not simply about adding links to your site. If you are in the business of landscape lighting manufacturing, for instance, you will want to have well-displayed products, information and company resources that provide the customer with what YOU are offering to them. Some sites use content curation to fill their spots with random keywords in an effort to simply attract traffic to the sites. Using content curation in this manner will not only irritate your customers, but will also cause search engines to give your website low ratings…which can keep your website from being trafficked at all. Make sure the most prominent information on your website is YOUR information.

Your links should be relevant

Building on your main goal for your website, make sure any link you post is relevant to promoting YOUR product. A good example is to link blogs by customers who have used your product or service and have raved about it. Home improvement blog spots, DIY blog spots and picture blogs are great sources to visualize your products to future customers. Be careful, however, that you don’t get so caught up in posting links that you forget that people should stay on your site…not just pass through on their way to sites you have linked.

Help with formatting

Now that you are ready to build your website and curate your content, you’ll need some help. Searching out information on the web can be a tedious and time consuming process. Luckily there are several software products out there that can help streamline your objective for your site. Software companies such as CurationSoft gives their customers Content Curation Tips, tools and formatting help to build their websites with ease. Using curation software makes it easy and fun to build a website.


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