Contact A Flood Damage Repair Service In Troy For The Assistance You Need

The type of water that flooded a home or business will be the determining factor for how the area is cleaned. Flood damage repair service Troy will assess if the flooding occurred from clean, gray, or black water. These various water types carry different levels of bacteria or viruses and proper sanitation is necessary to reduce the chance of infection in the occupants in the building. A flood damage repair service provides 24-hour emergency service because they understand the importance of decreasing the chance of mold developing from the moisture situation.

Will A Repair Service Contact The Insurance Company?

A flood damage repair service Troy has extensive experience working with insurance companies on behalf of a flood victim. Understanding the terms of an insurance company and completing the necessary paperwork can be completed by the repair service that will reduce the stress on an owner, and settle a claim in a timely manner.

Categories Of Water

Clean water travels through the supply pipes and can cause damage to a structure, but doesn’t carry large amount of disease or bacteria. Gray water can come from a toilet bowl, appliance overflow, or a fish tank. Black water can occur whenever there’s a break in the sewer line, ground water or from a toilet with fecal material overflows.

What’s The Main Goal Upon Arrival?

The first thing a flood damage repair company will do is stop the cause of the water. Once the water is stopped, they will begin drying the flooded area with large fans, dehumidifiers and removing rubs or furniture that may have been in the flooded space. Items that can be cleaned and disinfected will be carefully documented and any item that cannot be cleaned will be replaced under the terms of the insurance policy.

Flooding in a structure can destroy many items including drywall, floor, personal items, electric lines and so much more. Rapid intervention is necessary in order to stop the opportunity for mold to develop in the first 48 to 72 hours. An experienced flood damage repair service will work closely with you and your insurance company to make sure the process goes as smooth as possible. For more information, please visit website.

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