Consumers in St. Lucie, Florida Have Many Exotic and Traditional Hardwood Flooring Options

There are basically four kinds of hardwood flooring available to consumers. First, 3/4 inch thick hardwood flooring is a solid piece of wood. Installation should only be over a plywood subfloor and only above ground. The 5/8 inch hardwood is thinner than the 3/4 inch hardwood, but has the same installation restrictions. You cannot install it below ground level, but it can be glued to an above ground-level concrete subfloor. Real Engineered hardwood floors have a thin veneer of real wood on top. They are less subject to moisture, expansion and warping than solid hardwood. Because they are less affected by moisture, they can be installed anywhere in your home, on either concrete or a plywood subfloor. Locking Hardwood floors are another option. These are engineered hardwood floors with planks that snap into place, and do not require nailing or gluing. They are sometimes referred to as floating floors, and are a favorite of Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts.

Recent innovations in hardwood flooring have created many choices for the homeowner who wants the warm, rich look and feel of hardwood floors. The most important thing to remember when considering hardwood for your home is the subfloor and the moisture that the wood will be exposed to. Moisture is the natural enemy of hardwood floors. That is why it is never recommended that any kind of hardwood be installed in bathrooms, because of the high humidity of that environment can damage woods. Wood exposed to excessive moisture can warp, lift and crack. If your are considering the purchase of Hardwood flooring service in St. Lucie, Florida, you will be wise to consult a flooring expert who can help you choose the best type of hardwood floor for your home.

Many species of tree have been used for hardwood floors. Some are very common such as oak and maple and others more exotic, like tigerwood and Brazilian cherry. Color, finish, hardness and texture options are plentiful. If you are purchasing Hardwood in St. Lucie, Florida, talk to the flooring experts at Jay’s Floors and More. They can share with you the benefits and limitations of each different flooring option, providing a host of color, material, and construction choices. They can come to your home and supply a written estimate, helping you make an informed decision when choosing the best hardwood flooring solution for your home.

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