Consult an Auto Accident Attorney in Rockford When It Isn’t Clear Who Caused the Accident

Some automobile accidents are straightforward. One driver runs a red light because they are distracted by their phone, or something else going on inside their vehicle, and they hit a car going in the opposite direction. However, many other accidents are more vague. When both drivers are turning and they run into each other, it can be more difficult to determine which one was at fault. To settle a case like this, the victim needs an auto accident attorney in Rockford with years of experience and a proven track record of winning settlements for their clients.

To win a sizable settlement in a case where the law enforcement officer at the scene was not able to determine who was at fault, an attorney needs a strategy. Experienced personal injury lawyers understand the laws and how they can work to their client’s benefit. After creating a strategy for the case, a lawyer might seek out witnesses to the collision and may even be able to acquire surveillance footage from cameras owned by local businesses. By securing video from more than one location, a lawyer may be able to paint a clear picture of the accident for a judge if the case goes all the way to court.

Most accident claims are settled far before a trial. Attorneys typically negotiate with insurance companies for some time before they can agree on a suitable amount. When the insurance company offers a figure the attorney thinks their client might be satisfied with, they could present it to the client for their approval. Because most personal injury attorneys do not charge a fee for their initial consultation and do not bill their client unless they can win a settlement for them, accident victims have nothing to lose by hiring an experienced attorney at American Law Firm, P.C. to represent against the insurance company.

Being at fault in an accident could result in higher insurance premiums as well as the responsibility to pay for their repairs. Insurance companies tend to fight hard to avoid paying claims.

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