Considerations For a Deer Fence in Westchester County

While it is lovely to wake up in the morning or sit on your patio at night and watch the deer graze on your lawn, these animals can also be highly destructive to your landscaping, gardens and even your grass. If you weren’t aware deer eat about 6 to 7 pounds of food per day per 100 pounds of their body weight. This is a lot of your well cared for grass, flowers and shrubs if you don’t put up a deer fence in Westchester County.

What Attracts Deer?

If you don’t have a deer fence in Westchester County and you have specific types of plants in your back yard on your acreage you may be actually attracting the local deer population. Unfortunately most of the popular landscaping plants are very attractive to deer all year round including trees, grasses and ferns. Woody shrubs such as maples, sumac and aspen become a last resort for the deer once the winter weather eliminates the other lusher vegetation varieties.

Deer Fence Netting Options

When selecting a deer fence in Westchester County you can choose to go with one of two types of deer netting or select a chain link or weld-wire fence. Deer netting can be used with existing or new wood or metal posts and it largely blends into the surrounding vegetation.

Deer netting is made of a plastic product with a metal core material that is sold as Cintoflex. There is also a hexagonal web that is constructed of galvanized metal core with a black PVC coating. This is slightly stronger and more rigid that Cintoflex but both are highly effective options.

Chain Link Options with Deer Fence in Westchester County

For highly durable options that are a great security and deer fence in Westchester County consider either chain link or weld-wire fencing. This can be used around larger areas of land and provides a long lasting fence that is as tall as you need it to be. With dark colored metal posts and wire it blends into the background while still providing a solid, long lasting fencing option.

If you need a deer fence in Westchester County make sure that you consider your options. There are several different designs and styles that are effective at keeping out wildlife while still providing a very natural look to your property.

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