What to Consider When You Refinance Home Mortgage Loans in Maryville

There are many reasons that you may want to refinance home mortgage loans in Maryville. It could be that you have fallen behind and are facing foreclosure. It might also be that you are looking to reduce the amount of the loan or get a better interest rate. It could be that you wish to lengthen or shorten the term of the loan. Interestingly enough, whatever reason you wish to refinance your mortgage in Maryville, there are a few things to consider.

  • Will your credit allow it? Though you have that mortgage, your current credit score may have changed and be too low to allow for a beneficial interest rate or even an approval on loan. If your current credit score is passable, but the information in the credit report is harmful, it is best to clear up those issues before going for that refinance.
  • Will PMI become mandatory? If you have no or very little equity in the home and go for the refinance, you may have to add a PMI (also known as private mortgage insurance) payment into the monthly amount due. If you are going to have less than 20 percent equity at the time of the refinance, this is a dollar amount you have to add to the monthly payment.
  • How long do you intend to remain in the home? Many people don’t consider this issue, and it is important. A typical refinance costs from three to six percent of the total loan amount. That usually takes far more than a single calendar year to repay, and if you are going to be moving within one or two years of the refinance, it is actually not worth the expense (unless it is to avoid foreclosure).
  • Are the new terms better than the existing terms? If you are doing a refinance to get out of an adjustable rate, that makes sense. However, if your fixed rate is going to end up lower than the new one, it makes little sense to go for the new loan – even if you get a lower monthly payment.

There are other questions to answer when you refinance home mortgage loans in Maryville, but these are the main points. To help you go over the other relevant issues, click here to get in touch with a community bank and its mortgage experts.

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