Consider Kayak Rentals In Lake Tahoe

by | Jun 15, 2012 | Sports

There are a variety of boat rentals in Lake Tahoe to choose from: from paddle boards to jet skis to luxury watercrafts. So why should you rent a kayak? There are actually many reasons why you may want consider kayak rentals in Lake Tahoe. Here are a few of the best.

The shores of Lake Tahoe can often get crowded, especially during the summer months. But there are still miles of uninhabited, sun kissed sandy beaches just waiting to be explored. Kayak rentals in Lake Tahoe are a great way to access beaches that don’t allow motorized water crafts. You can pack a lunch, paddle around leisurely for a while and stop and have a quiet picnic on the beach. You will be amazed by the tranquility and beauty. For a little more adventure, you can start boulder hopping and explore the hidden coves found along the perimeter of Lake Tahoe.

With approximately 264 square miles of brilliant blue water, you can easily get away from the crowds and paddle at a fast pace across the open water. This is not only fun, but also a great form of exercise. Kayaking provides strength training for your upper body including the arms, shoulders, chest and abdominal muscles. You will also burn a lot more calories than you will by lying on the beach.

In fact, many people who live in the Lake Tahoe area take kayaking up as a sport for its health benefits and go out on the water multiple times a week. If you are thinking about buying a kayak you may want to consider kayak rentals in Lake Tahoe first. Renting a kayak is a great way for beginners to decide if they really like the sport. It usually only takes a day or two to develop the basic skills needed for kayaking. Many people prefer to try before they buy, to really determine if it is a sport they will stick with.

Kayak rentals in Lake Tahoe are typically the most affordable type of rental. Prices vary depending on whether you choose a single or a double kayak, but suffice it to say that you won’t get soaked when you rent a kayak!

Even though kayaks only hold one or two people, it can still be a fun group sport. You control the pace and can still socialize while paddling across the waters of Lake Tahoe.

Kayak Rentals Lake Tahoe Contact Action Water Sports of Incline Village today to get outfitted for kayak rentals in Lake Tahoe. Whether you are looking for relaxation or adventure, kayak rentals in Lake Tahoe offer the best of both worlds.

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