Why You Should Consider a Boston Solar Installation

With its blustery winter months, noted for their gray skies and cloudy conditions, Boston might not be considered by some the ideal location for going solar with power. The truth is, however, that a Boston solar installation can still be highly effective while saving homeowners a lot of money along the way.

How Solar Works

A Boston solar installation works much like one set up in a sunny location, such as Phoenix, Miami or Los Angeles. Highly efficient, specialized panels are installed on a home’s roof. These panels capture the sun’s energy and eventually enable it to be transformed into power that’s usable by home systems. While sunny days are fantastic, the sun’s energy is still highly harvestable by today’s solar panels on those gray, overcast days.

In a typical residential installation, the solar panels serve as the conduit for incoming power. The energy they harvest is fed into a power inverter where it is transformed into the Alternating Current homes need to operate properly. Once transformed, the power is fed into a meter that enables it to either be used to meet a home’s needs or channeled into the electric grid for use elsewhere.

What Happens When There is No Sun?

A good Boston solar installation will take night time hours and extreme weather conditions into account by still enabling a home to draw energy back from the grid when it’s needed. That means a home won’t go completely “off the grid,” so to say, but it will see its reliance and dependence drop dramatically. The benefit of this give and take relationship is found in the fact that solar-powered homes can still gain access to utility provided power when they need it the most.

What About Costs and Savings?

Just like homeowners in Tampa, those in Boston will find the actual installation of solar systems is very affordable. Thanks to government incentives, these systems can wind up costing homeowners nothing at all. When incentives aren’t available, the installation costs are negligible compared to the overall monthly utility use savings they deliver. Homeowners often see their power bills drop dramatically after a Boston solar installation is up and running.

The sun delivers an estimated 970 trillion KWH of energy to the Earth each and every day. Those with solar installations can tap into this power source to save themselves cold, hard cash while doing their part to help the environment.

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