Connector Components in Everyday Life

With the advancement of technology, simple things that we don’t even think about become an integral part of our regular daily lives. One example of this is connectors. Connectors, like those manufactured by ITT Cannon Connectors are found in wide variety of everyday applications from audio, to data and computers, to even more advanced functions as part of military equipment.

What is a Connector?

Connectors are small components that basically do what their name implies. They connect two items together. When you plug your cellular phone into the charge cable, you are using a connector. Connectors come in many different shapes and sizes depending on the application they are being used for and what they need to connect together.

Commercial Applications

Connectors are important components in many things that you use every day. Your cellular phone, television, and computer all rely on these components in order to function properly.

These components have also played a large role in the film and television business. Connectors are essential to all parts of the film process. You need connectors to complete the cameras to film the movie. Then you need connectors to build all the audio recording equipment. When the movie goes to the theatres, connectors are needed in the projection equipment and stereo system so that people can enjoy the finished product.

Military and Aerospace Applications

Since we use connectors in so many everyday tasks, you can imagine that they are even more important in military applications. Connection components are crucial parts of all types of military grade equipment including communications, and weapons control electronics. Connectors played a vital role in space missions as well. Imagine how many connectors would have been needed to not only build a rocket, but also to launch it and provide communications on its mission!

One high grade brand of connector that meets military specs is the ITT Cannon Connectors. This brand is designed for the highly specialized applications that are used in the military. ITT Industrial Cannon Connectors are designed for reliability and functionality in a wide variety of harsh environments and are often used in submersible electronics.

Components from brands like ITT Cannon Connectors keep things running smoothly in our technology-filled world.

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