Concrete Floor Coating: Benefits

According to the product list on Hong Kong Trade and distribution center, there are over 6500 products dealing with concrete floor coating in Hong Kong alone. Imagine the sheer size of these offerings and the scale of operations for this market throughout the world. It would not have flourished if there were no advantages of using these revolutionary products and solutions.

Advantages of using Concrete floor coating

Here are the major benefits of using concrete floor coating:

*     They are easier to clean and maintain. Since the surface is smooth, maintenance takes lesser time compared to uncoated and untreated concrete floors.

*     Ease of application with quick drying time: Such solutions are very easy to apply with clearly defined instructions and ample customer support. Also, they do not require keeping the area idle for long. Concrete floor coating solutions do not take days of construction time. The solution takes less than 24 hours to dry out. Though the time may vary with the thickness of the coat, they are generally fast drying.

*     Many people advocate the use of water based coatings over epoxy based coating; the main reason is believed to be higher costs. Experts agree that though the cost is high, the returns are significantly higher. A solution that costs 1.5 times the cost of a water-based solution is estimated to last at least 10 times longer than water-based Concrete floor coatings.

*     Labor costs involved in the process of Concrete floor coating are also pretty low. If professional help is hired, the charges for services would not exceed those of painting a room. Do- it- yourself solutions can be applied with not more than three hours of labor.

*     The surface becomes glossy after the procedure. Also, products that are self leveling also require lesser efforts for application. A smoother and glossier finish not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also facilitates movement of goods without applying much effort. Despite being smoother, these products are slip resistant, which makes it safer to walk on.

*     When applied on garage floors and driveways, these can resist hot tire marks. It will make sure that burnt rubber does not stick on to the floor. Many products are also water proof and salt proof which makes them resistant to any kind of water damage. Any kind of marks and tire treads on such surfaces can be cleaned with the help of saline water and soap solutions.

*     Another advantage is that they make the floor chemical resistant and free from any abrasion. Since such solutions act as a binding agent, they do not let concrete dust fly away. This property of Concrete floor coating makes it free from dusting.

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