Computerized Diagnostic Service and Manual Inspections at a Garage for Auto Repair in Port Orchard, WA

Computerized diagnostic equipment at a garage providing¬†Auto Repair in Port Orchard WA has become essential for today’s automotive technicians. With so much of a vehicle’s equipment containing computerized components, diagnostic scanners can quickly let technicians know the reason for a problem. A common example is the check engine light, which could signal a broad range of issues.

The Check Engine Light

Vehicle owners bringing cars to a shop for Auto Repair in Port Orchard WA hope the check engine light is about a minor problem. An example is the need for a new gas gap to replace an old one on which the threads are too worn to seal tightly. A bit of air gets into the system and alerts the vehicle’s diagnostics that something is wrong, leading to the check engine light coming on.

Unfortunately, that light can also be alerting the driver to anything from a faulty oxygen sensor to a malfunctioning fuel injector to a cylinder about to fail. Only with the diagnostic services from a shop such as LK’s Auto Repair will the owner know what the trouble is. In some instances, a serious decision must be made about whether to schedule repair service or start looking for a different vehicle to buy.

Transmission Issues

Sometimes, this light doesn’t become illuminated, but the driver still knows something isn’t quite right. A manual inspection may be required to uncover certain problems. A transmission that occasionally surges or creates a sense of slippage when shifting gears may be alarming. These symptoms require the skills of an experienced mechanic to identify the problem and repair it. If the problem is serious and expensive, the owner must weigh the cost of replacing the transmission with the expense of buying a newer vehicle.

A Combination of Services

The combination of computerized diagnostic equipment and highly skilled mechanics performing manual evaluations helps ensure that an automotive garage offers excellent service. Repair work is completed as soon as possible to return the vehicle to good working order and give the driver peace of mind that it will not be breaking down on the highway.

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