Companionship and Housekeeping From a Philadelphia, PA, Home Care Agency

A home care agency in Philadelphia, PA, reduces the sense of isolation that may be experienced by disabled older individuals. Even when there are family and friends in the area, the person may still spend a lot of time alone. In addition to providing companionship, a home care worker also typically completes light housekeeping tasks.

Housekeeping Service

The family and the client greatly appreciate the light cleaning service from a home care agency in Philadelphia, PA. When adult children visit, they don’t necessarily want to waste time cleaning and doing laundry. This valuable time together could instead be spent going for a ride in the car and having lunch at a favorite restaurant.

The home tasks like vacuuming, washing and drying laundry, changing bed linens and cleaning the bathroom have already been completed. Earlier in the week, the worker also cleaned the kitchen, dusted the home and swept the hard flooring.


The companion also participates in conversations and enjoyable activities with the client. The two might look over the newspaper, watch a TV show or two, or play a board game. Depending on the client’s ability level, the two might go for a walk outside or make a trip to the grocery store.

Getting Started

Many chronic health problems cause fatigue, weakness and joint pain. It can be very troubling for the person who loses the ability to properly care for the home. A home companion is a welcome addition to the person’s life. Details on one care agency can be viewed at

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