Companies Manufacturing Custom Inductors Offer Many Benefits

Do you make electronic devices which need to filter AC from DC current? Perhaps you have to create special circuitry for more than one kind of device. You may need to make use of the principle of induction and custom inductors can be very beneficial. Here are some reasons to consider these devices for your business.

How Does an Inductor Work?

An inductor may be a simple coil of wire which you pass current through. When this happens, you create EMF or electromotive force. The coil is capable of storing energy (in a magnetic field) and resists changes to the electrical current passing through. These properties are often used to protect electrical circuits by filtering EMI or electromagnetic interference.

Why Custom Inductors?

Not all devices can benefit from standard or “off the shelf” electronic components. A custom-made inductor can help you meet your electrical or electronic needs in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. This is very important if you have safety requirements to meet.

Industrial Applications

If you have special needs for inductance for your manufacturing or processing facility, you may need specially designed and created three phase custom inductors. For example, suppose you want isolation transformers for your applications. A specially designed inductor can be made for parallel or series wiring, and this can solve your transformer issues.

Engineering Services

You may have an idea of what you want and need, but it may not serve your best interests. If you buy standard inductors or order specially made units, they may not give you the kind of performance or efficiency you really want. However, when you do business with an inductor manufacturer offering engineering services, they work with you to make sure you get the best equipment for your business and customers. They can also help you with packaging, scheduling, and shipping needs.

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