Communications Systems in Frederick, MD Made easy

Communications Systems in Frederick MD, are made easy by giving you two telecommunication systems to choose from for your growing business. You can simplify your communication challenges and stay within your operations budget with a free consultation, services and support from Interstate Communication Services. Avaya IP office is perfect for today’s flexible, mobile workforce. You can increase collaboration, networking, security and customer service with desk phones and connectivity with any mobile device anywhere. For your small business, it allows you to increase productivity and affordably. A midsized business benefits with the capability to serve 1,000 users, either at a single site or spanning up to thirty two different locations. Branch offices of a large business can have all communication efforts seamlessly linked across all branches.

The second choice is a DSX telephone system designed from the ground up with a low cost of ownership and expansion capabilities via added software when you need it as your business grows. This system is a great investmant because you can start off with the DSX 40 system and continue from there. Communications Systems in Frederick MD, allow you to build on the investment of the first system as you expand to the DSX 80 system and then the DSX 160 system with much of the same connections and initial system components with which you started. You have several telephone options with the DSX system. There is a 22 button display, a 34 button display, a super display telephone that has a back-lit keypad, a two position angle adjustment, and a head set jack.

In addition to telecommunications systems, other services offered by Communications Systems in Frederick MD, are video surveillance, security systems and full technical and services support for any provided service you choose. Customer service is important to ICS, just as it is important to your business, so you can be assured that you, your employees and your business will receive personalized attention. Whether you are just starting out with your new business, growing your current business, or looking for low cost ways to better connect your fragmented, mobile workforce, there are ways to improve collaboration efforts, increase networking opportunities and better serve your customers. Look into how this can be done to suit your needs and your budget.

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