Common Misconceptions About Detangling 4c Hair

Have natural 4C hair? Great! By embracing your kinky twists and curls, you are empowering yourself and even other black women and girls to do the same. People with 4C hair often have issues detangling it due to a lack of education or having the wrong information. Here is a small list of common misconceptions about detangling 4c Hair and how you can do it properly.

Before Detangling Your Hair, Soak It in Water.

4C hair needs moisture and lots of it, so people would think soaking in the shower will help hydrate it, but sadly, this can lead to breakage and snapping when you go to comb or brush it.

Do this instead- If your hair is dry and tangled, use a water bottle to wet your hair, then put your hair in four or five sections.

Comb Your Hair Daily

Combing and brushing your hair is an important part of keeping it healthy, but too much brushing and combing can make cause hair breakage.

Do this instead- there’s nothing wrong with finger combing your hair sometimes. In fact, some people even say it’s better than using a real comb.

Wash Your Hair Every Day

4C hair needs to be clean and moisturized in order to grow and be healthy, but too much washing can be damaging.

Do this instead- wash your hair every few days. Some people wash their hair once a week or even once a month.

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